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......Hi, and welcome to the only fully comprehensive on-line guide to
'Koh Pha-Ngan'..Thailand.
The purpose of this site is to give you, the intrepid backpacker, as much information and advice to aid you in your quest for 'fun in the sun' on this fabulous island.


Koh Pha-Ngan is about half an hour north of Koh Samui, and has become the island of choice for those who find Samui too crowded or too expensive. I guess originally it started out as a sort of back door escape from Samui but is well established now, with a regular boat service, both from Samui, and at the main port on the mainland at Surat Thani, with well over 180 places to stay around the 190 sq km island. It's definitely worth a visit for its remaining beaches ( they haven't all been built on ) and, if you like snorkelling, for its live coral formations.

Compared with Samui, Koh Pha-Ngan has a lower concentration of bungalows, less crowded beaches and coves, and an overall less modern atmosphere. Living costs are generally about half than what you'd expect to pay on Samui, with bungalow rental as low as 80 baht a night, even in peak season.

Except at the island's party capital, Had Rin Nok, the island hasn't yet been cursed with video and blaring stereos ( Ibiza syndrome ), unlike on Samui, travellers tend to interact more and create their own fun, ( email dfalconer@hotmail.com for info on the, 'walking on coconuts' event ) due to the lack of provided entertainment....so there you have it!...and if you want to stay somewhere peaceful but want the option of getting amongst it in Had Rin and letting your hair down once in a while without it being a total mission, I suggest you look for somewhere to stay on the south coast of the island, anywhere between Ao Bang Charu and Ban Khai beach.

Other Site Features...

Firstly, the main purpose of this site was to show photographically, every single Bungalow Operation on Koh Pha-Ngan available to Backpackers,(Currently 180+) because as yet there is nothing available in terms of pictures to help you decide where you might want to stay.
Go to Accommodation to begin your Bungalow search, or alternatively go to Q.B.S. (Quick Bungalow Search) to search by name only.

Hopefully this site can be used as a pre-travel search before you reach the island, or if you're already there and aren't happy with where you are staying, this site will be able to show you pictures and descriptions of every other resort available on Koh Pha-Ngan.
Plus, each Beach Area the resorts are based in/on, has it's own area description with pictures to match.

The rest of this site's content will cover ...

Full Moon Partys           Accommodation         Travel to the Island

Dangers                       Beaches                     Island Maps

Post,Banking & Communication (P.B.C.)    Quick Bungalow Search (Q.B.S.)

...and generally, anything else I feel will be of use.

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